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The 71st Entryof Aircraft Apprentices arrived  at  the  No  1  School  of

Technical Training RAF Haltonon  the  29th  April  1952  tocommence a unique three year training experience

to qualify as  Aircraft  Technicians  in  the respective trades ofEngines,  Airframes, Armaments, Instruments

and Electrics.

     Welcome to the Website of the 71st Entry Royal Air Force Aircraft Apprentices

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After three years of being groomed to a    standard  of  technical  excellence  as           'Trenchards Brats',  the  survivors  of

   the  71st  Entry  graduated  on   6th

     April  1955  as  Junior Technicians

        and  were  posted  to  selected

         Royal Air Force Units  to  apply

          their new found skills  

The Annual General Meting of the RAFHAA will be held as a virtual meeting of proposed and existingat Council members and Trustees, on the 19th September 2020.

                Minutes will be available on the web site shortly afterwards.

The RAF Halton Apprentice Scheme
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