In Memoriam

Home window

When the idea of a 71st entry window was first discussed, it was decided that it should represent the 71st Badge designed in our second year at Halton. A few members submitted designs for the window, these were passed to Michelle Mayes the Glass Artist chosen to design our window, Michelle submitted a final design and price of £450.00 that covered design, manufacture and installation at St George’s church, and the 71st entry committee approved the design and price.


Malcolm Taylor (at that time secretary of the Halton Association) was able to reserve us a prime site for our window.


Our motto, part of our original badge was thought up by Frank Hutchins – “Finis Coronat Opus” – “The end crowns the effort”.


You will note that the “LXXI” and “1952 – 1955” are set in red glass representing No. 1 Apprentice wing and have what appear to be Black dots at each corner. The dots on the left hand side are sixpenny pieces dated 1952 and likewise all the dots on the right hand side are sixpenny pieces dated 1955.


The window was dedicated on the 7th November 2000, by our own Rev. Frank Hutchins (formerly an Engine fitter); the dedication was attended by 16 Members of the 71st and their Ladies.


Geoffrey Payne


                                                             The Apprentice Collect

Teach us good Lord, to be thankful for all the good times which we have had, the skills which we have learned, the friendships which we have shared and the companionship which we have enjoyed.

 May all who have shared the apprenticeship of the “Wheel” be mindful of the needs of one another through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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