NZ Post Card No 4


Some of the worst hit buildings were the churches, including the Christchurch cathedral and the Roman Catholic Basilica.

    This Anglican Church in Merivale ( suburb of Christchurch ) is an example of what a lot of churches suffered. ( Note steeple on the ground )


     It was thought the iconic Cathedral was beyond repair and had started demolishing it, however they now have had second thoughts on this and the demolition work has now been stopped until more investigation is carried out. In the meantime a temporary cathedral is being built - would you believe it, out of cardboard tubes !! This magnificant building has a life expectancy of at least 50 years !

NZFlower Cones

 On our frequent visits to Christchurch, we have been amazed at what a vibrant , busy city it has become !  It is also a "City of Traffic Cones"  and during the recent two year commemorations, many of these cones were decorated with bunches of flowers put there by the residents in memory of those who lost their lives in the 'quake - rather a nice touch I thought !

Ian Cochrane

PS.  Another major catastrophy arose from the 'quake. The one and only factory in New Zealand to make "MARMITE" was badly damaged and was unable to produce any Marmite !   So for two years, us Kiwis have been unable to buy our favourite food. One enterprising shop keeper had a few dozen jars sent from UK, but the authorities found out about his " Illegal Import" and he was forbidden to sell it for some unknown reason.  ( Maybe they were scared it had been tainted with horse meat !! )
       Anyhow they announced last week that the Marmite factory was now back in production and stocks should be appearing back on the shelves any day now !  Yippee !!

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