NZ Postcard No 14

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G'Day Everybody.


        Time for another one of my damn travelogues - just a small one this time !


        This weekend we had the occassion to make a quick trip to Christchurch. A

lovely clear ( cold ! ) winter's morning on Friday morning when we headed south to

Christchurch. On the Thursday, a " Front " had passed through leaving a dumping

of snow on the hills. A subject for some good photos !


        Here are a few snaps taken on the way down :-

About half an hour's drive south of Blenheim we had our first coffee stop.  At

the " Store " cafe at Kekarengu. This picture was taken at the doorway of the

the cafe looking towards the mountains. The snow covered peak is Mount

"Tappy " ( Mount Tapuae-O-Uenuku ) 2885 Metres.  This is the mountain

that Hillary did a lot of his training before moving on to Mt Everest .

  A view of the mountains at Clarence a bit further on  towards Kaikoura.

Store View Kaikoura Mountain Range Seal Colony Posing Seal Seal Lunchtime Beach Art

"Here are some more damned tourists - I suppose we had better put on our best smiles and pose for this lot ! " Seal colony just north of Kaikoura.

    "  I suppose I had better pose as well !!

"I'm not !  I'm going back into the sea for my lunch !  "

This is an "Arty - Crafty"picture of nothing much in particular - just kelp on the beach !