NZ Postcard No 7


POSTCARD  FROM  NEW  ZEALAND            NUMBER  7       5th JANUARY  2014


Ian Cochrane


Happy New Year to Everybody,


            In last night's paper was an article on New Zealands most famous UFO sightings in December 1978.

( 35 years ago ). The sightings consisted of several bright lights travelling along the coast between Blenheim and





























They were initially spotted by an Airforce Warrant Officer ( Airframes - so he must be reliable ! ) at 23.55 hours

on the 20th December. He immediatly contacted the control tower at Airforce Base Woodbourne who confirmed the sighting.  The information was relayed to Wellington International Airport who also confirmed the sighting on their radar.




An hour later a S.A.F.E. Air Argossy freighter ( ZK SAE ) departs Woodbourne

Airport en-route to Christchurch International Airport who also reported the lights

off the coast of Kaikoura. The lights quickly moved towards the aircraft and

followed the Argossy for some distance.  On the return trip from Christchurch to

Auckland, ZK SAE again encountered the lights near Kaikoura. The on-board

weather radar also picked up the UFOs.


       Later in the day, another Argossy ( ZK SAF ) , on a trip from Blenheim,

reported an extremely fast moving object appearing on it's on-board radar.


       Nine days later, an Australian Television film crew were making a

documentary on the UFO sightings, and were flying on an Argossy at the same

time as the original sightings, when, obligingly the lights again appeared !!

This was filmed ( in colour ) and helped considerably with the official investigations.


       No conclusions were ever reached as to what the UFO sightings were, but

the usual explanations of light aircraft , weather balloons, clusters of stars, even

japanese shrimp boats off the coast, were dismissed. I guess it will remain one

of New Zealand's aviation mysteries.














          " The Kaikoura Lights : New Zealand UFO Footage 1978 " .













                                                                                                                    ZK SAE is on permanent display near the gates of Blenheim's ( Marlborough ) Airport.


                                                                                  Ian Cochrane

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