NZ Postcard No 9 15th AUGUST 2014


But I digress ! When gold was discovered there followed a rush of miners looking to make
their fortune. When that goldfield was worked out they woud move to mine the next recently
discovered gold-field. One such area was the Wakamarina River Valley. As usual, the miners flocked to the river, staked their claim and looked forward to making their fortunes. A
settlement of tents soon sprang up and the name Canvastown was born. Although the tents
were eventually replaced by wooden huts, the name Canvastown remains to this day. By
May 1864 it's population was in excess of 4500. By the 1970s, the easily accessible areas
along the river had been worked out, leaving only the more difficult areas that required
sophisicated and expensive mining equipment.

Although no commercial mining is carried out now , the remains of the mining era can still be seen along the banks of the Wakamarina.

Martha Mine