30    Constructed in the early 1920s this building was originally intended to be the RAF Records Office. It was opened in 1925 as the

            Apprentices’ ‘Schools’. It is currently known as Kermode Hall after the first director of education at Halton (1922-1939), A C Kermode.

31    Apprentice final academic examination results are held in TMA. This requirement was for Aircraft Apprentices only. For the later

            schemes see text.

32    When The Queen presented Her Colour to No1 School of Technical Training on 25 July 1952, the Escort Squadron to the Colour was

            commanded by Flt Sgt L Parkin of the 63rd Entry. Over 1,500 apprentices were on parade. A copy of the programme for this event is

            held in TMA.

33        ‘An Apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force’, AM Pamphlet 15, p8. 40%-59% in final trade tests qualified an apprentice as an AC2, 60%-

           79% as an AC1, 80% and above as an LAC.

34      A minimum mark of 60% was required in final trade tests to qualify as a junior technician.

35    Many articles on, and memoirs of, apprentice life are held in TMA.

36    For example, Air Mshl Sir ‘Dusty’ Miller and Air Mshl Cliff Spink.

37    Taylor, op cit, p21.

38     Starting in 1959, some intakes included Dental Technician Apprentices who, except for their professional training, which was carried

             out at the Institute of Dental Health and Technology, were fully integrated with engineering entries.

39     TNA CAB/238/39. Conclusions of Cabinet Meeting CC(65)20 held at 10 Downing Street on 1 April 1965.

40     See Note 28.

41     See Note 28.

42     See Note 28.

43       Letter MTE/862/2/Trg dated 11th March 1965. Copy held in TMA.

44       Loose minute AF/4826/72/S10(Air) dated 27 Dec 1973. Copy, and other relevant documents, held in TMA

45       Ibid and loose minute DDDAB & P(RAF) 1249 dated 13 December 1973, also held in TMA.

46          Air Chf Mshl Sir Michael Armitage and Air Mshl Sir Eric Dunn.

47      Email 09/08/2016 from Air Cdre Evans to TMA recalling his time as OC Halton.

48     MOD Letter HN/16/15/Air dated 28 October 1977; copy held in TMA.

49      The final graduation parade of RAF Apprentices actually took place at Cosford in October 1993 with the graduation of the avionics

              tradesmen of the 155th Entry.

50      Nominal roles on joining are included among the records of each Entry, all of which are held in TMA.

51      Croydon Guardian, 25 April 2008; copy held in TMA.

52     The conditions under which airman could be trained as pilots had been announced by Air Ministry Weekly Order 706 of 8 September

             1921. With the re-introduction of the air observer, by Air Ministry Order A.196 of 9 Aug 1934, airmen, including ex-apprentices, could

             also volunteer to fly as such but, until 1939, only on a part-time basis.

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              London, 2006) p173.

58      Haltonian Magazine, issue No73, p3, November 2014. Copy held in TMA.

59        Hansard. HL Debate, 6 December 1944, vol 134, cc131-89 ‒ speech by Lord Trenchard, extract held in TMA. See also Kimber, C;

              Son  of Halton. The Memoirs of an Ex-Brat’ (Cox and Wyman, London, 1977) and Bishop, P; Fighter Boys: Saving Britain 1940;

              (Harper  Perrenial, London, 2004) p34.

60        Pennal, Tom; Through Chestnut Avenue (Scotforth Books, Lancaster, 2002) p617.

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