All Sorts 045

All the way from NZ, Ian with his de Havalland Beaver.


Oops- "Houston We Have a Problem "" !

Ians wings

I think I need some help Guys!

 The big day had arrived - clear blue skies no wind, Off down to the air strip with my cameraman ( woman - Robin) and plane. Did final checks - all OK. Started up OK and taxied out to the end of the strip. Throttle open and we were off. Straight as a die down the paddock - bit of up elevator and we were airbourne - then the trouble started. The starboard wing started dropping. To get it to go in a straight line I had to give it almost full left rudder. I tried to turn right onto the approach to bring it in but it spiralled in in the most spectacular way. Ian


Geoff in winning form.


  Ian the gardener from down under.


A Ray of sunshine after the walk.

DSC00798 copy

  Hands-on Peter


Ray did it !

Solo 20/09/2012

Ray did it again Solo on 20/09/2012

charleston Ray

  Charleston Ray with horn!

We need some train driving pics, chaps?