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  Charleston Ray with horn!

All Sorts 045

All the way from NZ, Ian with his de Havalland Beaver.

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Geoff in winning form.


      Ian the gardener from down under.

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  Hands-on Peter


Ray did it !

Solo 20/09/2012

Ray did it again Solo on 20/09/2012


Oops-  "Houston We Have a Problem "" !

 The big day had arrived - clear blue skies no wind, Off down to the air strip with my cameraman ( woman -  Robin)  and plane. Did final checks - all OK.  Started up OK and taxied out to the end of the strip. Throttle open and we were off. Straight as a die down the paddock - bit of up elevator and we were airbourne - then the trouble started. The starboard wing started dropping. To get it to go in a straight line I had to give it almost full left rudder. I tried to turn right onto the approach to bring it in but it spiralled in in the most spectacular way.  Ian

A Ray of sunshine after the walk.

Ians wings

I think I need some help Guys!

We need some train driving pics, chaps?