General Duties Cadetship

F.S/A/A  Thomson — —                                                 Christchurch High School, New Zealand



Monsignor Beauchamp Memorial Prize (for the Best All-Round Apprentice)

F.S/A/A Thomson — —                                                 Christchurch High School, New Zealand


Highest in Order of Merit (All Subjects)

S/A/A Hutchings — —                                                                                    Leicester City School


Highest in Order of Merit {General Service Efficiency)

1st  F.S/A/A Thomson -- --                                                 Christchurch High School, New Zealand

2nd S/A/A Watson -- --                                                                                            Carrick Academy


Highest in Order of  Merit {Educational Subjects)

lst  S/A/A Hutchings -- --                                                                            Leicester City School

2nd L/A/A Whitby -- --                                                  Stationers Company’s School, Hornsey


Highest in Order of Merit

(T.S.T. Practical Fitting Test)—and Winner of Crebbin-Robinson Cup

A/A Dodd -- --                                                                    Kingsteignton Secondary Modern


Highest Average for Practical Fitting Test Over Three Years’ Course

C/A/A  Hughes -- --                                                                                    Ashford Grammar School


 Highest in Order of Merit (General Studies)

and Winner of Elliott Memorial Prize presented by the Royal Aeronautical Society

S/A/A Turner -- --                                                                          Skinners Grammar School


Highest Pakistani Apprentice in Order of Merit (Winner of Azhar Trophy)

A/A  Islam


Highest ex-A.T.C. Cadet in Order of Merit {Winner of Quinton Trophy

S/A/A  Gordon -- --                                                                                                       Wald Academy


Pioneer Trophy (Highest Aggregate in Final  T.S.T.)

A/A Dodd -- --                                                                   Kingsteignton Secondary Modern


Best Tradesmen in T.S. Test

Airframe Fitter:                A/A Dodd                                    Kingstcignton Secondary Modern

Engine Fitter: 1st              A/A Smith                                                         Westcliffe High School

                           2nd            A/A Smith                                                       Southend Municipal College

Armament Fitter:            L/A/A Perryman                                               Camelford Grammar School

Instrument Fitter (Nav.):    A/A Melton                                               Coopers Company School

Instrument Fitter (Gen.):    A/A Newton                                                       Sir William Turner`s School

Electrical Fitter {Air):          S/A/A Watson                                               Carrick Academy

Electrical Fittcr (Grd.):        A/A Best                                           Temple County Secondary School



Hutchings     Leicester City Grammar School         Turk            E.P. Collier Sec. School, Reading

Watson             Canick Academy, Ayrshire         Gordon     Sen. Sec. Waid Academy, Kilconquhar

Turner     Skinners Grammar, Tunbridge Wells

F>S/A/A Thomson
S/A/A Turner
S/A/A Gordon
S/A/A Hutchings
L/A/A Perryman
A/A Dodd
A/A Islam
C/A/A Hughes