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If you ever want to check on the movements of a particular airline flight then have a look at this:





   Click on to find the air traffic over your area or all over the world , you can follow each aircraft's trip, registration, altitude, picture and more.  After you have open the web you will see small yellow aircraft; click on anyone and you will see it's registration and on the left side of the web page you will have the real picture of the aircraft and more information.

   Geoff Munge's contribution. Have a look at this:




 Makes us seem insignificant or significant, depending which way one slides the cursor.

  This is probably the most awesome animation ever received.

  Just slide the bar AT THE BOTTOM to the left or right.........

  Be sure to go BOTH ways on the sliding scale.This is truly amazing. You can also  zoom in and      out (best on a mouse with a wheel or zoom facility)   to see the items in the distance!

 Make sure you go all the way out......

Useful Tips

This is for the borne again Bikers!


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